Sergei, Rabbi of Kehilat Brit

Sergei, Rabbi of Kehilat Brit

Sergey is married and is blessed with a wonderful family. He hasbeautiful wife Alla who is the mother of his 7 children. Alla helps in the ministry. One of their child died when she was 8 month old.  Elder son Arthur is married to  Anastasia, they have 2 children. Another son Vitalik  is 24, and the third son Shloma will have his bar mitzvah on July 25th . His daughter Yuliya is 18, Lera is 14, and Sofa is 9.

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Kehilat Brit, Messianic Congregation of Zhitomir, Ukraine


Congregation Kehilat Brit started on Shavuot 1997 after festival of Jewish Music and Dance. Festival was lead by David Levine and Jonathan Bernis. At that moment, Sergey Pinchuk was a deacon (elder) of a charismatic church. Pastor of their church blessed them to start Jewish Messianic Congregation. From that moment, he is serving as a Rabbi of the Congregation. This year Kehilat Brit celebrated 19th anniversary. The main goal of the congregation is preaching the gospel first to our Jewish brothers and sisters and then to all others e.g. to be a bridge between Israel and Church.    In their Synagogue, they have now 45 members, some of them were born Jewish and some became Jewish by choice, deciding to become echad with Adonai people  not only spiritually but also by the way of life, believing in Yeshua HaMashiach as Lord and HaMashiach. The Congregation keeps Torah, Tanach and Brit Hadasha, celebrats all  Biblical  High Holidays, historical holidays and also Israel State Holidays, they keep Shabbat, laws of kashrut, do bar- and bat- mitzvah, and brit-milah. They adopted Jewish way of life not for salvation but because they are already saved through faith in Yeshua HaMashiach.

From Monday to Friday, the Congregation has 2 prayers: Shaharit from 9 am to 10 am and Moariv from 5 pm to 6 pm., on Wednesdays, they have devotional of Bible, on Thursdays, they have synagogue prayer at 6 pm for the people who are in prayer ministry, at the same time they have youth, home group. On Fridays, at 5 pm, they have erev Shabbat. On Saturdays, Shabbat service starts at 10 am. Sunday is their Outreach day: they go to Hospitals, to the streets of their city, visit people at homes.

The Congregation spiritually supports several other congregations in Western Ukraine: in Rovno and Nadvirna, does outreach at schools and orphanages, where they give presents to the children at the end. They also participate in children camp where children of believers invite their unbelieving friends. The Congregation has food pantry for needy people. They are in need of a building for their Synagogue and recently, they started praying for HaShem's will for it. Also, they are praying about garment washing ministry for elderly people.