Imagine an easy way to deepen your knowledge of the Bible. The Tetra Scroll takes the overwhelming scope of the Bible and presents it in a visual timeline that is easily understood. Scriptural people, places and events come to life when seen in context with secular world history. For example, did you know that Julius Caesar ruled Rome during the years just prior to our Messiah's birth? Did you know that Mount Vesuvius erupted and entombed the village of Pompeii while the apostle John was still alive, and before he wrote Revelation? 

Many of us have difficulty placing the people and events in the Bible into chronological order, especially without the help of visual aids. The Tetra Scroll is designed to help you grasp the scriptures in a whole new way.

The ability to see the entire Biblical timeline at once provides you with many advantages. No matter which event you are reading about, you are automatically aware of where it falls in the 6000 year period since Adam’s creation. Key words are highlighted, and each event is accompanied by cited scriptures, which allows you to quickly locate almost any topic in your Bible. If you are reading about Elijah, for example, you are able to see who is ruling the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the approximate dates involved, that Egypt is still in power, and Assyria will soon overtake the 10 tribe kingdom in the north. All this information is available at a glance! You can’t get that simply by reading, yet the scriptures are cited, so you know exactly where to find Elijah in the Bible. Now, when you read about him, you will have much more background, which enhances your understanding and appreciation of scripture.

In addition to the visual advantages, the scroll contains many of the treasures our Heavenly Father has hidden in the scriptures for us to find. (Prob 25:2) For example, we learn in Genesis 11:10-11 that Noah’s son, Shem, lived to be 600 years old, and then he died. He isn’t mentioned much after that. The Tetra Scroll records the birth and the death dates for each of the major patriarchs. These life-lines allow us to see what happened during their life times. In the case of Shem, we see that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all living before Shem died. No wonder we have such a detailed account of the flood! You will find many such treasures in the Tetra Scroll. t is our hope that the Tetra Scroll helps people understand the scriptures as a "whole and Living Word," and encourages them to read the scriptures more often.

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