Messianic Rabbi Yosef L. Boleware received a Masters in Rabbinic Theology from Messianic Bureau International in March of 2000. He has since completed several courses of study, including studies in Orthodox Judaism and the Hebrew language. He is a follower of Y’H’V’H and Messiah Y’hoshua and has been the congregational leader of Congregation Beit Lechem since it was established in March of 2000. Yosef travels and teaches in the United States and internationally.

Yosef is married to Angie Boleware, who serves as the Rebbetzin for Congregation Beit Lechem and teaches Bible studies for various age groups. Angie has practiced nursing for forty years and is now a Nurse Practitioner with the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Yosef and Angie have one daughter, Katie, who is an elementary school teacher in Tennessee. Katie recently married Joseph Mixon (May 28, 2017) who is from Grainger County, Tennessee. They live in Jefferson City, Tennessee. Joseph works at Carson Newman University in Jefferson City.